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PHO and BHO Extractions


We are constantly working to expand our knowledge of new extraction methods. We're committed to using the most effective extraction methods possible in our laboratory to produce high quality Shatter, Wax and Live Resin. 



Masterfully crafted by an educated culinary chef Using 100% Cemoi Chocolate.Our

White chocolate contains 31% cacao and Our Milk Chocolate contains 35% cacao. Available in Cinnamon Almond,Peanut Butter Banana, Cookies and Cream and Crunch Bar.

Distillate and Cartridges


We Take high quality trim to extract a fully activated, high potent distillate with potency ranges up to 90%.We then "reintroduce" our oil with 100% cannabis derived terpenes.Our oil can be used to infuse foods or in syringes and vape cartidges .

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